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The Baltimore Zoo drink was founded at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana (IN), somewhere in the 1990's. Purdue graduate of '97, Leon A. Bogucki, kindly described it as "a glorified Long Island Iced Tea without the coke", and "like drinking Kool-Aid". He also recalled "I remember it being the big thing right around 1995 ... I used to know the bartender that claimed he invented it". There are several variations, one of which is to replace the splash of beer with sprite. Leon also told us the best Baltimore Zoo's are served at Harry's Chocolate Shop in West Lafayette itself.

Add the liquors and grenadine to a highball glass with ice. Top off with sweet and sour mix, add a splash of beer, and stir.

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The best are at Stix

posted by Justin Ziller @ 06:30PM, 5/07/06

Just off EIU's campus in Charleston IL.
The best are at Harry's

posted by Patrick G @ 06:16PM, 6/24/06

This is the home of the Baltimore Zoo. No one can do it better.
Harry's does it better

posted by Nick L @ 05:50PM, 6/29/06

Just got introduced to the baltimore zoo at harry's in west lafeyette, yesterday...definately a drink that will put you on your ass especially if you're trying to close down harry's at 3 in the morning.
"The Best" are in Charleston IL

posted by CTHF @ 08:26PM, 7/05/06

Any bar in Charleston has the best recipe for the Baltimore Zoo. A very famous drink in the state of Illinois.

posted by Damian @ 02:32PM, 7/14/06

I didn't have any amaretto so I couldn't savour the full flavour of this cocktail, but if you want to get pissed fast and don't like the taste of alcohol then these are for you.
The best are at Stix/Panther Paw

posted by Mike Joyce @ 04:29PM, 8/21/06

Harry's? Charleston does everything better.
Definitely invented BEFORE the 90's

posted by Randy S. BU '89 @ 08:09PM, 9/23/06

I regularly ordered Baltimore Zoos at the Bull Run Inn in Lewisburg, PA in the late 1980's while at Bucknell University. Those were made with similar ingredients, except Tia Maria instead of SoCo and Chambord instead of grenadine. They also added 2 ounces of cranberry. The drink was served in a huge bowl.
The original is at Stacks

posted by Sarah A. @ 05:14PM, 10/27/06

Any true Boilermaker knows this drink is the signature drink at Stacks (Wabash Yaht Club) in West Lafayette. No one does it better! A true original, can not be duplicated! Boiler Up!
Harry's Chocolate Shop

posted by Mike @ 12:00PM, 11/18/06

The location the drink was invented at of course has the best.
I hate to disappoint everyone but...

posted by RSG - Long Island, NY @ 08:00PM, 11/22/06

The Baltimore Zoo was invented by a Fridays Bartender in the TGIF in Westbury Long Island in 1990. And it was originally made with gin, vodka, rum, tripple-sec, sour-mix, grenadine, OJ and then shaken with ice to foam up the OJ, then topped with beer from tap and a lemon slice and cherry. Later on TGIF changed the recipe from grenadine to cranberry. A fatal mistake to its taste. If you go to the Westbury TGIF you can still get it made like the original version. And thats the truth.
FGI Friday's in MD

posted by Todd @ 10:36PM, 12/27/06

I remember getting these at the TGI Friday's around the Univ of MD in the late 80's. They were made with Sprite and cranberry juice with a shot glass of beer you dropped in before you drank it.

posted by Tim S. @ 12:42AM, 2/09/07

Stix has carbonated fruit punch on tap and thats what they use to make theirs the best. Been to Harry's also and they do a good job trying. Go Eastern!!!
Stix at EIU

posted by HansK @ 04:34PM, 4/03/07

There's a reason why Stix's in Charleston is constantly mentioned in this thread= they are THAT good. The drink tastes like sweettarts. (when Stix closes go across the street and order a La Bamba's burrito)

posted by Pica_Pleasure @ 06:55PM, 5/20/07

I had my first one @ Applebee's Totally awesome cocktail!! One of my favs now but its too sweet without the beer. The beer is a must.

posted by Garmander @ 02:00AM, 5/30/07

I've always known this to be a drink at Corby's in South Bend, IN. Try one there and you'll never have better.
Stix @ EIU, Charleston

posted by Jalal M @ 10:48PM, 6/01/07

It does taste like kool-aid, cant go wrong especially for $3.50 during the weekends.
Harry's at the McGee Hotel in Bloomsburg PA

posted by Sleastack @ 11:28AM, 6/09/07

Harry's had the best version (similar to some already mentioned) it was in a pint glass and rocked you fast @$5.00 a glass in the early 90's.

Delta Omega Chi

posted by Joe @ 09:44AM, 8/20/07

Has this but they call it a Jamaican Lizard.
Going to the Zoo

posted by Paul Rudd @ 02:07AM, 9/08/07

I made Baltimore Zoos at T.G.I.F. in the 80's so whomever invented it in 1995 get in line with Al Gore.
yeah.. good shit.

posted by fromrussiawithlove @ 09:59AM, 9/13/07

I first tried it in Petersburg, VA very good. Trying to get it out here @ home..(Guam)

posted by dominick @ 11:40AM, 9/15/07

Corbys in south bend makes great ones.. my dad made them when he was my age so whoever thinks they invented it in 95 is sadly mistaken.
Purdue's Baltimore Zoo was first poured at Stack's (Wabash Yacht Club)

posted by Larry @ 11:41AM, 10/01/07

I do know is that it was at Stack's (Wabash Yacht Club) where it made its Purdue debut as I was part of that first batch poured in 1989. However, I believe it did originate on the east coast because it was a friend who brought the recipe to Purdue after an east coast visit. So maybe founded out east but made popular at Purdue.
Ron does it the best!

posted by Spawn @ 11:35PM, 10/29/07

Ron did it the best at the Boiler Room and for a few ladies, that is a double entendre! ;) Awesome drink and went over big at our Halloween party this year.
Baltimore Zoo

posted by Sinned @ 05:11PM, 11/08/07

Never had one but would like to try it. Maybe I can duplicate it here in UTAH. You know, "The land of the funny underwear"
Harry's at McGee Hotel in Bloomsburg PA

posted by hildy @ 09:25AM, 12/16/07

This is my favorite drink all time!! Early1990's Harry's in Bloomsburg had the best and still does today. I have tried this drink everywhere they know how to make it some previously mentioned above. Harry's Zoo is the best!
Sully's in Peoria, IL...

posted by TTJ @ 12:17PM, 12/31/07

...also makes a very good Baltimore Zoo.

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