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Cherry-flavored shot recipes

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Burning Cherry recipe

Combine the George Dickel, Jack Daniels, and Jim Beam into a 2 ounce shot glass. Splash in the grenadine. Give a quick stir-spin with a straw or stir rod. Slam fast and hard. Exhale.

39% (78 proof)
Serve in: Shot Glass

Cherry Blow Pop recipe

Pour all three ingredients into an short shaker with ice. For better taste, let it chill for a bit.

21% (42 proof)
Serve in: Shot Glass

Cherry Bon Bon recipe

Layer Godet on top of Creme de Noyaux.

Serve in a cordial or shot glass.

22% (44 proof)
Serve in: Shot Glass

Cherry Cheesecake recipe
3/4 jigger vanilla schnapps
fill with cranberry juice

Add schnapps then layer cranberry juice on top. May take a few "practice" shots to find the right amounts of each.

Serve in: Shot Glass

Cherry Godet recipe

Add Godet to shot class, pour cherry brandy in the center and let it mix itself around.

17% (34 proof)
Serve in: Shot Glass

Cherry Lifesaver Shooter recipe

Add ingedients in shaker tin over ice, shake and strain into shot glass.

14% (28 proof)
Serve in: Shot Glass

Cherry Rum Shooter recipe

Pour rum and vodka into a shot glass. Top with cream, and serve.

28% (56 proof)
Serve in: Shot Glass

Chocolate Covered Cherry Shot ...

Add in the order written and mix then add the grenadine.

24% (48 proof)
Serve in: Shot Glass

Cough Syrup #2 recipe

Pour in Hot Damn, then add grape soda and then top off with cherry juice. Garnish with a cherry if you can avoid choking on it.

8% (16 proof)
Serve in: Shot Glass

Door County Cherry Cheesecake ...

Add all ingredients to a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into shot glasses. (Optional garnish of Whipped cream and a Teddy-Graham on top.) Yields 3 or 4 shots depending on shot glass size and ice melt.

11% (22 proof)
Serve in: Shot Glass

Jello-Shot Supreme recipe

Bring water to a boil. Mix with a large package of black cherry jello. Then add peachtree schnapps, mix well. Pour into small plastic shots or 2 oz. containers. Chill and enjoy.

Mexican Cherry recipe
1/2 oz tequila
1/2 oz cherry liqueur

Pour into a shot glass.

30% (60 proof)
Serve in: Shot Glass

Mid-Night Passion recipe
1 packet black cherry jell-o
1 cup boiling water
1 cup vodka

Mix 1 packet Black Cherry jello with 1 cup boiling water. Mix until sugar dissolved. Mix 1 cup Vodka (or more to taste) and chill in freezer for 2 hours or fridge for 4..

On My Ass recipe

Pour liquors in equal parts into a shot glass. Stir once and top with a cherry.

47% (94 proof)
Serve in: Shot Glass

Rattlesnake Shot recipe

Serve in a shot glass. Adjust amounts to taste if desired.

32% (64 proof)
Serve in: Shot Glass

Tampon String recipe

Layer the vodka and cherry liquer then put whip cream on top and a cherry on that when taking the shot engulf the whole thing and after you swallow pull the stem of the cherry out.

13% (26 proof)
Serve in: Highball Glass

Texas Rattlesnake recipe

Mix all ingredients and Shake well. Sweet at first, with a BITE at the end.

The Cherry Bomb recipe

Put the cherry into the shot glass. Add the Cinnamon Schnapps (be careful it is real strong). Then add the Rum and top of with the Vodka. More Vodka can be used. Slam it.

16% (32 proof)
Serve in: Shot Glass

Warm and Fuzzy recipe

Pour southern comfort, triple sec, and then cherry brandy into a shot glass.

30% (60 proof)
Serve in: Shot Glass

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